Our Director

Dear Benefit Express Gym Members,


If you’re a regular member of Benefit Express Gym you will know our energy comes from our desire to impress our customers rather than the zeal to best competitors.


Ever since I over took this Health Club my goal has been to increase the value for our members. We’re internally driven to improve our service, adding benefits and features, before we have to.
This gym is like my home, when you become a member. You are like family. You are looked after. You are put first. And you are always given open and honest advice.
I don’t know much about the competition, I’ve never had to. It’s never been important to me. My focus has always been on caring for my customers, friends and family.
What I do know is that it takes something special to see an array of loyal members who’ve stuck with us through the years, welcome guests who’ve travelled from all over the places, different health clubs to experience what makes our gyms tick, or witness the regulars who consistently travel from the other side of City passing all the competition, just to train at Benefit Express Gym.
I know we’re on the right track when people say our gym is magical.  Above all, I know my gym is special when I see our members constantly improve and transform towards their goals.
I can’t put any of this down to one factor. It isn’t just the facilities or our level of service. It’s more than that. When you work to perfect every aspect, and you care for your customers beyond anything else. You create synergy that feels like magic.

Mr. Amit Bhati
Benefit Express Gym

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